“What can I expect at my eye exam?”

In order to allow you to see your best, we need to keep your eyes healthy.

That’s why each eye exam starts with a complete review of your health, and concludes with a full eye health evaluation.

A comprehensive evaluation of your vision will allow us to develop a custom designed vision plan to help you perform your best at work, home and play.

Many eye health issues do not show any early symptoms, so it is important to have an eye exam on a regular basis. Early diagnosis and treatment of your eyes can help prevent vision loss in the future.

Optovue iWellness OCT

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is a sophisticated non-invasive imaging instrument that uses light waves to take highly detailed cross-sectional images of your retina, the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye. It is often likened to an MRI or x-ray of the eye.

This scan allows our doctors to see detailed images of the retina, enabling them to accurately detect, monitor and control changes to the retina. This view of the retina is unable to be seen with any other technology, in fact, being able to see all seven layers of the retina allows Dr. Court and Michelle to detect retinal diseases like macular degeneration earlier than ever before. Because of the importance of these images, we perform this on all of our eye wellness examinations.

Diabetic Macular Edema

Macular Degeneration


Traumatic Macular Hole

Optos Widefield Scanning Laser

Optos Optomap Widefield Scanning Laser is a low-powered laser that digitally scans the retina, much like a photograph. However, because the Optos is a scanning laser, it allows Dr. Court and Michelle to see the retina in a widefield view, which is otherwise unobtainable. In other words, they can see almost the entire retina in one image, rather than a series of images or views with various instruments. The procedure is non-invasive, painless and takes less than a minute. Patients simply look into the device, one eye at a time, sort of like looking through a keyhole, and wait until the see a gentle flash of light. This gentle flash is the Optos capturing a wide-angle image of the retina. These images are closely reviewed for any abnormalities. Optos offers patients a revolutionary exam for early retinal disease detection. These images are so important in the evaluation of ocular health, they are part of our eye wellness examinations.

Healthy Retina

This is an example of an image of a healthy retina. The 200-degree field of view allows our doctors to view up to 80% of the retinal surface compared to only 45 degrees, or about 15%, of the retina at any one time with other technology or examination procedures.

This instrument allows our doctors to see the retina all at one time but does not always replace the need for dilation. Dilation allows the doctor to look more closely at any particular area of the retina, and also the ability to see structures in three dimensions; something that digital images don’t allow us to see.

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