Are you ready for clear comfortable vision without wearing glasses?  You’ve come to the right office!

“Am I a good candidate for contact lenses?” 

We hear that question a lot, and almost always the answer is “Yes!” 

As contact lens technology improves, the numbers of people that can enjoy clear, comfortable vision without relying on glasses increases.

Contact lens exams include tests that are not always performed in regular eye exams, so if you are considering contact lenses, be sure to let us know when you schedule your exam. This allows us to schedule the extra time required for contact lens evaluations and prescription updates.

Our doctors will help you choose the best type of contact lenses for your prescription and for how and when you plan to use them.

Our specially trained staff will teach you all things contact lens related;  how to put the contact lens on, how to take the contact lens off, and how to properly care for your lenses.

When you leave our office, you’ll have the confidence needed to be successful wearing your new contact lenses.

Over 95% of our patients leave our office wearing their new contact lenses that same day!

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Hard to Fit Contacts

“I was told I can’t wear contact lenses”

There are many different eye conditions that require specific kinds of contact lenses, so finding the right option isn’t always easy.

There are lenses designed for certain eye conditions, such as astigmatism, needing reading glasses, dry eyes, keratoconus, and more.

We also believe that comfort is equally important when it comes to giving you good vision.

Our doctors will work to help create a specific contact lens design to help people with challenging eyes and prescriptions see their best.



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