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How important is it to get your child’s eyes examined?  The most common consequence of poor eyesight is poor performance at school, but also in sports, and other activities.  There are also factors relating to a child’s health and social well-being to take into consideration.  We’ll address all of them.

Many parents are apprehensive about bringing their kids to the eye doctor for the first time.  They wonder what will happen during the exam, will my child be able to do the tests, will they need glasses?  We’ll go through everything step by step, and your kids will love their eye exam! Many of our young patients tell us we’re their favorite doctor!

Good vision is critical to learning because over 80% of our learning is visual!  Kindergarten and 1st graders are learning to read.  Older students are challenged with more eye tracking and focusing their eyes from far to near when copying from Smartboards and overheads.

1 in 4 school aged kids have visual problems, according to many experts, and because kids often don’t know or understand how to communicate that they are having difficulty, too many of them go undetected.  The implications of this are tremendous because if a child can’t see, he can’t learn, if he can’t learn, he’s going to have a hard time succeeding in life.

School vision screenings don’t make the grade! 

Many parents rely on vision screenings at school and pediatrician’s offices to be all their child needs to make sure they are seeing their best.  Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true!  These simple checks can detect some basic problems, but not everything.  They aren’t designed to find out how well the eyes are working together, or are they focusing smoothly and accurately.  But we’ll find out!

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