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Perfect Contact Lens Program

We want to ensure the contact lenses we fit you with are performing at their very best for the duration of time you are wearing them. To make sure of that, all contact lens related follow-up visits, for one-year from date of contact lens evaluation, are included as part of your contact lens evaluation fee. If a contact lens isn’t working, we’ll get it fixed, or we’ll get it changed.

Perfect Prescription Program

If you don’t have the vision quality you expect with your new glasses, we ask you to return to the office within the first 30-days so we are able to check the lens accuracy, adjustment and if necessary the doctor’s prescription. We understand the investment you have made in your eyeglasses and we want to make sure they are functioning the way we intended; if not we’ll fix them.

Kids See for Free!

For kids up to 18 years old and under, take advantage of our “KS4F” program, which provides kids with the purchase of a frame, a free pair of impact resistant polycarbonate lenses, which include scratch resistant coating and no-glare treatments. That’s a $270 savings! Insurance discounts are not included in this special.


Contact Lens Patient Back-Up Glasses

We want to make sure our contact lens patients have a good quality pair of back-up glasses with a current prescription. With the purchase of an annual supply of contact lenses, we offer our contact lens patients 50% off their complete pair of back-up glasses (Frame and lenses).

Eyeglasses Collections

Just like the potato chip commercial, “you can’t just have one!” When you’ve found more than one frame you’ve fallen in love with, or when you need more than one pair of glasses to fit your lifestyle (computer glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses, every day glasses, going out glasses), we’ve got you covered. With the purchase of multiple pairs of glasses, each additional pair of glasses is offered at 50% off.